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Regina Stephens Owens

Regina Owens is an internationally recognized presenter and practitioner who specializes in creating a culture of connectivity and collaboration while utilizing systems thinking. Through innovative solutions and emerging technologies, she coaches and supports teachers and administrators in transforming and working as a professional learning community. Regina has published works in support of response to intervention in the brick-and-mortar as well as virtual-learning environments.
As a former teacher, director, and executive director of curriculum and instruction, Regina has served in rural and urban schools, guiding their transformation to professional learning communities that resulted in local, state, and national recognition. She served as the principal of Spring Virtual School and the Early College Academy at Southridge in Texas, both operated under the professional learning community philosophy, ensuring high levels of learning for all students. The Spring Virtual School, one of the first online professional learning communities, brought together Regina’s life’s work of connecting learners and their passions to the work of the real world. Today she serves as a district administrator, working to promote passion-driven learning and global competencies.
Regina is an inspirational transformative educational leader who believes in the “Genius of And,” educating both the head and the heart. Helping students and educators discover who they are, value others, and advance humanity fuels her work with teachers and administrators as they work to create systems that actualize an inclusive culture and accomplish their purpose—high levels of learning that results in being prepared for life.
Regina earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from East Texas Baptist University. She went on to earn a master’s degree in educational leadership from Stephen F. Austin State University and is currently working to obtain a doctorate in educational leadership from Dallas Baptist University.